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We realize everything we do has a lasting effect on the environment in which we operate. Learn more about our efforts to decrease the footprint we leave behind.


U.S. Hotel and Resort Management, Inc. provides capital as well as the corporate office technology backbone to enable our properties to operate efficiently and to realize the economy of scale.  By providing capital, each property can be situated for success and a very favorable guest response.  Through an affiliate, Regency Hotel Management, LLC, the properties are professionally managed by a seasoned management team.  The ability to bring in a "green" emphasis, real estate tax review, benefits, human resources and capital expenditure management allows the properties to have the benefits of a large organization while remaining focused on their individual property.

Our goal is for each property to be successful while providing a superior experience for our guests.  We want to have long-term success and, as such, our mantra is property first, partners second.  Through this plan of property success first/partner success second, we have been able to deliver favorable returns averaging in excess of 20% per year - such that our partners want to invest in new opportunities when they are available.